Apologies for the delay but we have some very exciting news!

Sorry its been so long since our last blog. We are very excited to announce that we are re-launching our website and we cant wait to show you! It will be launched in August 2015 so as soon as its up and running, I will post on here so you can have a look around it. We are looking forward to being able to keep you more up to date with our curent jobs with more photos, videos and blogs.

One of the reasons that I have been quiet is that we have had a huge undertaking recently – we have re-fitted many areas of Essex’s hugely popular tourist attraction……. Adventure Island. We have manufactured so many items for this project, which has various food outlets, seating areas and tills which all required lots of planning, manufacturing and co ordination. A small insight into this project is that we made: under counter frame work, a small extraction system, a chip dump and preparation area. We also manufactured a 3 tiered coffee and drinks counter, a donut machine counter with multi coloured tables and stools surround it so people can sit in comfort while their children play on the rides. Dane-Tec also made a new display counter for the popcorn area with alternating blue and pink stripes which was very fun to make as its the brightest unit that we have dealt with in many years! The last section that we refitted was the ticket area, which we installed powder coated green coloured doors with voids to take the tills. We are due to return there this week to install some coloured wall cladding to match and to fit a new section of worktop to their Food Bar also.

As our staff are used to working mostly with stainless steel, with the occasional splash of black, our workshop was awash with a sea of multi coloured panels – it certainly cheered everyone up! As you can see, its been a huge undertaking and we are privileged that they have asked Dane-Tec to be part of it.

Of course, we have been working on other projects as well as Adventure Island. Our most recent project for London Underground took us to the entrance of a station situated underneath an office block in central London. We are measuring to replace some existing glass roof panels with solid aluminium sheets as people keep on accidentally dropping things on the glass and cracking it, so they need something more durable.

As always, if you have any fabrication or commercial catering equipment requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.