August 2014

As I sit here typing this latest blog, I am surrounded by beautiful stubble fields and sunny days. The countryside around Dane-Tec is looking particularly spectacular at the moment with the local farmers working hard to collect the harvest before autumn sets in. We are lucky to have such beautiful views and we can gather the freshly ripened blackberries in our lunch hour which always puts a smile on my face.

As well as the farmers that are busily beavering away, we at Dane-Tec are halfway through the busy period of the school holidays and we are working day and night to meet our delivery dates. The workshop staff are packing in a lot of overtime to achieve this, especially as we have had a few people take annual leave (in the summer – how dare they?!!) and we have had a few members of staff off with sickness. We have been fortunate enough to be able to take on a new member of staff to help us cope with the increased workload and so far he has made a big difference to the team.

Our recent projects include the manufacture of extraction hoods, tabling, air in, wall cladding and shelving. Some of these are local which makes delivery easy for us, but we recently manufactured a hood and sent it out to Africa which tested our logistics team here at Dane-Tec!

We hope you are having a lovely summer holidays. We are all looking forward to the Bank Holiday next Monday, to have an extended weekend to help catch up on some much needed rest before the final push at the end of the holidays!  From everyone here at Dane-Tec, we wish you a happy bank holiday!