July Blog

Hello and welcome to my July blog.

Unsurprisingly – its sweltering here at the moment due to the heatwave that we are experiencing at the moment. This, coupled with the frequent thunder storms has made for very interesting work recently. A few of the jobs that involve working through the night have been postponed due to torrential rainfall within the edge of the station – making the work impossible for our staff at times. The stunning site of London in the middle of a storm being illuminated by lightening was beautiful, but it wasn’t conducive to work!

As the 6 week holidays are upon us, it will not surprise you to learn that we are snowed under with projects for schools that we started to look at in January when the budgets were being examined and approved for the next financial year. We have fortunately been given almost all the jobs that we submitted quotations for, which is very exciting and we are working very hard to reach our deadlines which all fall in the first week of September. This allows the schools that are having major refurbishment work or new installations to finish their canteens with a lick of paint and to give them time to clean thoroughly before the children return to school for the new academic year.

We have also been working closely with some schools who want to amend their current kitchens but are on a tighter budget. This involves greater input from our design team – luckily they thoroughly enjoy these tasks. This involves examining the current layout and seeing where improvements need to be made and amending any current equipment that needs to be kept. We often cut down tables etc to allow them to be positioned differently if they are too large for the area that they need to be moved to. Sometimes it is more economic to manufacture a whole new unit but sometimes, tweaking an old one can save money if its in good condition.

It just leaves me to say goodbye and to wish everyone a happy summer holidays. Lets hope it stays warm and sunny!