May update.

Hello. I am writing this blog inside, looking out on a torrential downpour that has interrupted our beautiful sunny weather. I suppose we shouldn’t moan as its been so warm recently but this downpour has soaked the boys loading the van for a visit tonight. We all had a lovely Easter break and have returned to work fully recharged and refreshed after the long weekend. Luckily, there are two more Bank Holidays coming up in quick succession which always put a smile on the faces of the Dane-Tec staff!

I will start by letting you know of our recent projects. The first one that I’m going to mention is at the Embankment Underground station, where there is a plant room that is located in the roof of the station and we are making a metal grid flooring to sit over the top of the existing concrete flooring to help to distribute the weight more evenly over the existing structural beams. It’s been a tricky job as we have to use a crane and genie lift to move the items up onto the site, as the only access up to the room is via a small cat ladder so it’s the easiest way to get the materials up there. As the metal panels weigh around 120kg each and we have to get 20 grids up there, it has been a monumental effort. The work must be carried out throughout the night work as well, so we only have a small window to work in as the station is too busy during the day with commuters etc to be able to do the lifting safely.

The second interesting job has been for a local customer, Mange Tout, who have been inspired by the programme Man Vs Food and we have been asked to help them with a food challenge. They have started to do a huge 5 meat sandwich using a massive 11 slices of bread – standing 12 inches high, which you have to finish in 20 minutes. Only two people have ever completed this task. Dane-Tec have been asked to design and manufacture a metal holder that supports the structure of the sandwich whilst its being made but it has to be attractive enough to be presented to the customer. Luckily, we have John who is a master at designing and creating unusual items so we are sure they will be happy with the end result.

Thank you for reading this. All members of staff wish you a happy 1st of May. Please get in touch if we can be of any assistance to you.

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